That feeling…

I wonder if there’s a word for that feeling you get.

That feeling that makes everything around you look different. You’ve woken up to these walls, and that picture, and this clock, for years… but today they feel different. Today the feel strange. They don’t feel like your things. There’s a dark invisible veil draped over everything.

It’s sadness in your heart, the anxiety in your mind, the grief in your chest.

And the only thing that ever lifts the deceivingly heavy veil is time.

You probably avoid it at first, try to imagine it isn’t there. But it isn’t something you can turn away from because you can’t see it you just feel it. And our brains have a funny habit of never letting us forget the things we want to forget most.

So you learn to move around it and you start to accept it being there, you learn to live with it and soon it feels like the veil is lifting. One morning, you’ll wake up and everything will be back to normal, it might be better even.

And even though nothing physically has changed, everything has.


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