Bills Bills Bills…

Tucked away in Chichester’s historical Butter Market, Bill’s could easily be missed by passers-by. With its mix of exposed ducting, metal industrial light fixtures, leather sofas and candle lit tables, Bill’s feels contemporary whilst remaining firm in its roots. Bill Collison started life as a greengrocer and after a flood in 2000, subsequently opened Bill’s Food and Produce store. The hanging dried peppers and tomatoes, and shelves full of what look like pantry items, remind you of this restaurants humble beginnings.

I have frequented Bill’s in various different cities and have always been warmly welcomed by its staff, this visit was no different. We were offered our pick of seats and took the opportunity to settle in a booth.

Having scoured this menu many times I immediately knew what dish I was going to have, but I explored the menu with my friend anyway, looking over all the traditional dishes and discovering what flare or twist Bill’s had added to them.

I chose my favourite dish from the menu, the halloumi and hummus burger, adorned with a sweet chilli sauce sitting in a roasted red pepper, the sweetness of which accompanies the salty halloumi beautifully.

The burger was packed full of flavour but it was not packed so full of ingredients that the whole thing fell apart in my hands. My friend chose the Bill’s Hamburger, which I’m told tasted as good as it looked. I forced him to swap his skin on fries for the sweet potato fries, as I have never tasted better ones – and I’ve tasted a lot. He wasn’t disappointed. Their crispy outer coating and soft centre provided the perfect combination alongside the cooling cumin yoghurt dip.

I couldn’t resist the sound of the warm mini cinnamon donuts for dessert, and although they could have easily been too sickly with chocolate sauce drizzled over them, the chopped strawberries provide a necessary punch of refreshment. I devoured the dish and was left with some of it down my front (to save for later of course) staring enviously at my friends lemon meringue pie cheesecake.

For the variety and quality of dishes, the menu is extremely affordable and fairly priced. The service is always friendly and welcoming, and the whole atmosphere is cosy and inviting. We both left full and satisfied, what more could any customer ask for?


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