For My Cousin

Fill your life up with so many things my love, that he begins to fade

So that all he becomes is a glitch, a bump, a bad dream that you can shake off in the warm light of the morning

He’ll be pushed out of orbit by your art and your videos, and you’ll wonder why he ever made your world go round.

Because if he doesn’t love you like you love him, then he doesn’t deserve your pure, childlike romance.

If he doesn’t daydream of you, as often as he crosses your beautiful, delicate thoughts, then he doesn’t deserve to even be an afterthought.

If he is happy to go back on promises and to break your dreams of the future as easily as breaking egg shells, then he doesn’t deserve to be in them.

Because he will break your heart like he broke those promises, he’ll crush your spirit like he crushed your self esteem, he’ll make you doubt and he’ll make you beg; and he’ll make you think it was all your fault.

He’ll go on as though you were just a one night stand but you’ll be lying, dying on the cold hard floor like you just lost your lifeline.

But, I will always scoop you up and heal your wounds, and I’ll show you you aren’t egg shells, you’re a glow stick.

And if he dares to come back to pick up any scraps, I’ll tear him down like rotting wallpaper.


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