Date a Girl Who Reads…

I recently posted a lengthy quote from a poem I had come across and it inspired me to try it out myself. When I was studying A-Level English, we got to do something called Text Transformation, where we created a new story out of an original story. I remember I wrote a chilling piece from the novel Felicia’s Journey by William Trevor. I wanted to give it another go with this poem; except this is more of a text elongation…

Date a girl who reads.

Her mind will be so open from the stories which have filled it, from the words which line it, from the characters that she lay to rest there, that she will accept you and your flaws with arms outstretched.

Date a girl who reads. She will have read of patience and kindness and forgiveness, and her heart will be the softest and toughest you will ever encounter. Because even if she’s been hurt before, she’ll understand that  all heroes have wounds. She’ll realise that just because she has a lot of them, and that sometimes they keep coming, her day will come too. She knows of inciting incidents and final battles where it looks as though all hope is lost. And, she knows who comes out on top in the end.

Date a girl who reads, she’ll never stop dreaming. Even when there are more nightmare’s than dreams.

Date a girl who reads. She will understand that even C.S. Lewis couldn’t always write about magical lands and happy endings; sometimes he had to write about grief too.

Date a girl who reads and she will hold the key to more worlds and more adventures than you could possibly count.

Because even though she does love Thomas Hardy, she has studied the words of Elizabeth Gaskell and George Elliot, and she has so many copies of Shakespeare she can’t contain them, she will always return to the books that lined her childhood.

Date a girl who writes and she will have written herself into every story she ever loved. She will have been through the Wardrobe with Peter; she will have dined with the Mad Hatter; she will have fought orcs alongside Aragorn and Legolas, and learnt the language of the Elves; she will have found the cure for a disease and fought her way out of a dragons lair.

But don’t be fooled, because a girl who writes knows exactly how to make this world magical too.

Date a girl who writes and she will write you and her the most magical, wondrous adventure of them all.




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