“you concentrate so hard on living up to the term “adult” that you forget growing up happens by living, not by sheer force of will.” — Cora Carmack (Finding It (Losing It, #3))

Today has consisted of me trying my hardest to get my life in order, whilst listening to songs from my childhood; because who wouldn’t want to be transported back to a simpler time when trying to get a grip on their own life? I preferred it when someone else had a grip on my life and I just got to wander around on my metaphorical child harness.

So far getting a grip on my life apparently means changing my bed sheets, putting some clothes on to wash, tidying my room and writing a blog post…

I also just discovered that I have written my number down wrong on my cover letter, not a total disaster since there is another correct number on there, but it certainly sums up my search for a job! Nice effort, but ultimately not quite right.

I once asked my mum if you ever feel like you have a total handle on your life, if maybe when you become an adult you start to feel in control? She answered truthfully and it is actually quite comforting to know that no one feels like they have everything in order. Even women with briefcases and suits, even women with hair that doesn’t explode at the slightest hint of moisture in the air; we all are just trying to stay above water. Sometimes that’s really easy, and other days it’s damn hard and you have to borrow a life jacket just to get through.

But I’m on my journey, with Avril, Five and SClub 7 as my life jackets today.


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